Vol(1), Issue(10)

IJSRE - Vol(1), Issue(10)

Jitendrakumar G Shewaramani*, Vishal A Kanjariya

A Mobile Adhoc network (MANET) is an infrastructure less network comprising of mobile devices, which have capability of dynamically arranging themselves to form a temporary network. Because of mobility of nodes, restricted resources and decentralized administration they become susceptible to various attacks. Nodes participating in MANET have very limited transmission range and so each node in MANET acts as a Router for forwarding packets to other nodes. Hence, secure routing in MANET is the most common research interest. In this paper, we will survey several Denial of Service (DoS) attacks which are serious threats for MANETs namely Blackhole Attack, Wormhole Attack and Grayhole Attack.


Jitendrakumar G Shewaramani
Lecturer, Department of Computer Engineering, B & B Institute of Technology, V V N, Gujarat, India

Vishal A Kanjariya
Lecturer, Department of Computer Engineering, B & B Institute of Technology, V V N, Gujarat, India


MANET, Security, DoS Attack, Blackhole Attack


A Black Hole attack is one of the most severe security problems in MANET. Here, a malicious node imitates to be a destination node by sending fake RREP to a Source Node that initiates route discovery, and consequently deprives data traffic from the SN. In this paper, several solutions for MANET against Black are presented.
The existing solutions affect the MANET performance adversely in terms of throughput, delay and overhead. Although these may not be avoided totally, there is a need for trade-offs to achieve secure optimal performance. The detection of Black Holes in MANET is still considered to be a challenging task. Future work is intended to find an efficient Black Hole attack detection and elimination algorithm with trade-offs in delay and overheads that can be adapted for ad hoc networks susceptible to Black Hole attacks.


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