Vol(1), Issue(10)

IJSRE - Vol(1), Issue(10)

Ankit sharma, Monil Mehta, Jugal Mistry, Nikesh Kalani

Steel Fiber reinforced concrete is made up of several materials which consist of ordinary Portland cement, aggregate, and steel fibers. Normal no reinforced concrete is hard and possesses low tensile strength and strain capacity. The main work of the irregular fibers is to distribute randomly to fill the concrete which has cracks. Steel Fibers are generally used in concrete to properly manage the drying shrinkage cracking and plastic shrinkage cracking. It also reduces the permeability of concrete which helps in reducing the flow of water. Some other several of fibers are capable of creating great impact, shatter and abrasion resistance in the concrete. Normally Steel fibers don’t raise the flexural concrete strength. The numbers of fibers which are required for a concrete to mix is determined on the basis of percentage of the total volume of the composite materials. In this Paper will discuss such mechanical and structural properties of steel fibre Reinforced Concrete.


Ankit sharma
PG Scholar, Civil Department, Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Anand, India

Monil Mehta
PG Scholar, Civil Department, Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Anand, India

Jugal Mistry
PG Scholar, Civil Department, Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Anand, India

Nikesh Kalani
Professor, Civil Department, Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Anand, India


Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete; Mechanical and Structural Properties


The uses of SFRC over the past 30 years have been so impactable on concrete due its applications and properties that it becomes so hard to differentiate between them. The most commonly applications where sfrc is used are pavements, tunnel linings, pavements and slabs, shotcrete and now shotcrete also containing silica fume, airport pavements, bridge deck slab repairs, and so on. There has also been some recent experimental work on roller-compacted concrete (RCC) reinforced with steel fibres.


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